Re: Rob's Capacitor

As for the suggestion...I am not sure if I understand...are you saying to
extend tabs from each plate to outside to dielectric (every other plate to
one side)..and then connect buss wire out in the oil?.....this would allow
the closest arc distance to be the 1" depth from the edge of the plate to
the edge of the dielectric..will this be sufficient?
Yes, that's what I'm saying.  I don't know if it will be sufficient, but
I do know that I blew a cap with between .75" and 1" clearance between 
the edge of one plate and the other of opposite charge.  I thought that the
oil would protect it just fine, but I was wrong.  My conjecture about 
the cause of the failure is that the narrow space for the oil  between the 
dielectric plates allowed either the oil to break down because it couldn't 
circulate at all, or that there were air bubbles that were trapped that 
I didn't see.  Most likely the air bubbles.  I always suggest rolled caps
because they are easier to make, and for me at least, more robust.
I've run my rolled cap at 15kV with wide open gaps and never had any problem.