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 > Text file for COILBLD1.GIF, graphical instructions for
 > construction of high performance 1/4 wave Tesla resonators.
 > Richard Quick

I did not send the GIF file. These files are in the FTP site.
Download the file COILBLD.ZIP which is my four part series on
Tesla resonator construction (includes diagrams.) 

The ftp-site is  nic.funet.fi  alias  ftp.funet.fi  and this site
can be connected using anon-ftp. The files are in the directory
/pub/sci/electrical/tesla and it's subdirectories.

If one does not have online-ftp it is possible to get the files
using ftp2mail-gateways via e-mail. Some ftp2mail-services:

ftpmail-at-decwrl.dec-dot-com or ftpmail-at-cs.uow.edu.au
bitftp-at-pucc.princeton.edu or ftpmail-at-lth.se
bitftp-at-dearn or to bitftp-at-vm.gmd.de (Europe only)
ftpmail-at-grasp.insa-lyon.fr or ftpmail-at-ieunet.ie
bitftp-at-plearn.edu.pl or bitftp-at-plearn (Europe)
ftpmail-at-doc.ic.ac.uk or 

In order to get more information on this subject one has to send
mail to an address above and use just "help" as a body-of-letter
to get information on the precise format of the script language
that the particular site uses. If one uses the keyword "ftplist"
one will receive a list of the other sites available.

The information is available via World Wide Web as well - the url
is: http://ftp.funet.fi/ftp/pub/sci/electrical/tesla. This is
just the beginning of Tesla on WWW - there shall be more in the 
nearby future. <FTP tips by Kristian Ukkonen>

Richard Quick

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