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> Being new here... What value of caps do you need for a coil?

> The reason I ask is MECI has some doorknob caps 470pf at 15kv 
> for $3.49. 

Good bypass caps I would bet. It would not hurt to have a few of
these on hand.

> If thats not enough, you could stack some of there of there 
> motor run caps. 1uf  660VAc $1.39 Oil filled no PCBS

You are going to end up needing 35-40 of these in series to get
the proper value. This leads to problems in pulse discharge
operation, and performance suffers. For the money, I would go out
and buy some 60 mil or 90 mil low density polyethylene and build
some homemade plastic film pulse discharge rated units.

> or some of the general purpose film caps for $.04 each...    
> .033uf-at-600V (And some bleeder resistor?)

These can be made to work by assembling a block of series/
parallel wired caps and submerging the block in oil to 
prevent flashover between the wire tails.

These are not bad ideas really. They are a ways away from an
ideal solution, but it does show you are thinking about how to
press available components into Tesla tank circuit service.

Richard Quick

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