Re: Condenser Products Address


  Their address is:

		The Condenser Products Corp.
		2131 Broad Stree
		Brooksville, FL   34609

		Phone: 1-904-796-3561
		Fax:   1-904-799-0221

    Last November, Richard Quick let me know that an order had just 
been placed by I believe Scott Myers.  As I recall Scott had 
negotiated a real good price by grouping a number of orders together 
from several people.  When I heard this, I called in the next day 
and spoke with a Jeff Fiedler at Condenser Products who gave me the 
same unit price plus a bit more for shipping one to me individually.  
The unit was a part # TC-253-34-300-1, which is a .025 mfd. -at- 
20,000VAC cap.  I don't know how much more placing an order for only 
one might be--I'm just returning to Tesla Coils after a 23 year gap 
so much is new and exciting for me.  Someone had suggested that the 
$198 price was "about" $50 less than a single piece order, but I 
don't have exact figures.  Call and check.
    Hope that helps a little.  Stick around and you will pick up 
alot of real good information from people who have considerable 
experience with Tesla Coil construction.  I've learned why my second 
coil from years ago didn't work as expected already!  Now I am 
working on the combs for supporting the copper tube for the primary 
circuit.  Have fun!

Chuck Curran