Re: Portable coils

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>Hi guys
>One of the girls in our lab wants me to make a small tesla coil so that she
>can do some spark processing of porous silicon (which enhances its photo-
>luminescence properties). (Gosh - there goes another coil application).
>Problem is, the coil would need to be portable. This precludes the use of an
>RF ground. I was thinking that if I made a bipolar, centre driven coil, and
>caused the sparks to pass between the ends of the isolated secondary, then
>there should be no need for an RF ground. Hopefully if the coil was sparking
>in this configuration there would be no RF interference with lab kit etc.,
>provided of course that I put sufficient RF protection round the
>Does this sound workable?
>Phil Mason


It sounds like the same type of project that David Lawrence is working on -
an Oudin or center fed Tesla coil.  It does sound like you won't need a large
RF ground like with a Tesla coil.  You would still need somewhere to ground
the case on the neon transformer and the 60 cycle ground.  Maybe with a small
coil and good filters, the normal 60 cylce ground would work.  I don't know
about radiated emissions though.

Ed Sonderman