Re: Tungsten Electrode Source

Re: Transistors as spark gap replacements
	There is an even more fundamental problem than breakdown
voltage and current handling capability.  The spark gap, once
ionized, conducts current in both directions until the air/plasma
in the gap is deionized.  IF you wanted to hook up enough transistors
HEXFETs, etc, to withstand the voltage and current you would still
need to parallel two strings, with reverse polarity, isolate them
appropriately with diodes to handle the full reverse voltage, and
then devise a driver circuit to handle of the order of 15 gates
in each string, all floating with respect to the primary 60 cycle
power source.  Such circuits have undoubtedly been built, but
when you compare the complexity and cost (lots of blown FETs until
you get it worked out) with that of a simple cylinder gap of the
type popularized (at least for me) by Richard Hull, there is 
absolutely no comparison!!!!!!!!!!!  The potential advantage of
being able to control the conduction time isn't worth the
Ed Phillips