Re: List scope

> Re: Scope of this list
> Chip:  You set the rules and we'll follow them, of course.  To
> me sparks are sparks and HV is HV, and most of the guys I know
> personally who have built or are building TC's also have done
> work with various forms of electrostatic generators, so it
> seemed to me to be a legitimate subject for discussion.  Have no
> idea what it means to have this extra traffic on the list, but
> would be interested in your views as a guide as to what is and
> what is not extraneous noise.
> Best regards,
> Ed Phillips

I'd prefer to keep the discussion limited to Tesla coils.  This
is a pretty broad subject as it is, with subjects ranging from 1/4
wave coils and magnifiers to theory and materials and a lot of
odds and ends in between.  Discussions of Tesla himself couldn't
be ruled out either. I'd prefer to keep it just Tesla and have
another list if there is enough demand for it.

_Mike McCarty