Re: List scope

On the subject of the scope of this tesla list;  I have to concur with the majority.  Let's keep 
the Telsa list a Tesla list.  I find the discussion of other subjects and HV in general 
interesting, but we must keep within the bounds of the list, which is Nikola Tesla and his 

Getting off the subject is like going to a meeting that won't keep to its agenda.  It gets 
annoying and wastes time, which I must conserve anyway.  I must admit that I too have "drifted" 
off the subject too, and recently I might add.  It is all too easy to drift into a "fringe" area. 
 I am glad to see that Chip has brought this up again.  It gave me a good kick in the pants to 
remind me of the purpose of this list.

Everyone here knew what the list was about when they subscribed.  In admitting that, we also 
admit that we already agreed to stay within the bounds of discussion of Nikola Tesla and his 
inventions.  Even then, the area is quite large considering the number of his inventions.  
Remember, all that is HV is not Tesla.

My vote is cast,
Scott Myers