Filtering on Neon secondary

Hello to all Teslaites on the list...
Next week I would have been on for one year and read nearly 1700
messages totally nearly 5Mb of text and 10Mb of attachments.  Some
great stuff has come out.  Thanks to all who contribute, especially RQ.
Lotsa questions....

There has been recent discussion about using ferrite toroids as a core
for filtering chokes on the secondary of power transformers.  I have a 
of ferrite rods (approx 12mm diam, 200mm long).  Can they be pressed
into service?  Should I bundle more than one for a core?  How many
turns should be necessary?  (12kv 60ma neon) (ie. What is the required

Also, what value of bypass capacitor is suggested? A 'few dozen picofarad'
is a bit vague.  Is there a rule that is more than just based on empirical
experience?  How should the resonance or impedance of the choke/bypass
relate to the neon rating and Tesla coil system resonance?  (ie. way lower)

Nuff for now...
Glenn Baddeley.

IMHO:  The list should allow related HV experimental topics to be discussed,
but the S/N ratio should be kept low.  More than 10% (1db) on non-Tesla 
HV topics would justify a new list.  The kooky stuff is definitely