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>> So, the question goes out to the list members.  What is the general
>> consensus?
>I will cast my vote to open the scope of the list up to more general HV 
>experimentation.  I am interested in electrostatics, xrays, and the 
>like, and it seems that, in addition to being very interesting, a lot of the 
>HV topics dovetail nicely with high voltage Tesla coil experimentation.
>I would suggest, however, that the signal/noise ratio be maintained at 
>it's current (excellent) level and that the list stay primarily attuned to 
>the dedicated amateur builder and experimenter.  If the list starts 
>getting swamped with a lot of new-age crap (like theories about how 
>Tesla was dropped off from the Venusian mother ship), or free energy 
>bs that can't be verified without spending a fortune and a few years 
>arranging a few tons of steel and aluminum objects, three Tesla coils, 
>four VanDeGraffs, two radio transmitters, a couple of spark gaps and 
>a toaster oven to produce an energy field that will levitate and possibly 
>shred a piece of steel when the phase of the moon, the solar flux, and 
>the location of the neighbor's cat all precisely align themselves, then 
>it's time to pull the plug.
>Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)

Nicely put, Steven! Nothing like a little levity to sharpen ones focus on
the subject. <grin> I agree, stick to basic Tesla info, aaannd if a little
bit of other HV stuff arcs over once in a while, that might not be too bad;
'specially for us (me anyway) beginners. I am also of the opinion that it is
Chips' list, and his is the deciding vote on what goes and what don't. I've
no problem with that.

                                      Ken Cravens

BTW Steven, email me (privately) some more info on your free energy theory
stated above, as I've been experimenting with exactly that same line of
thought, only the steel not only rises and shreds, it also.........<G>