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>Tesla Coil Secrets (laugh) has plans for almost exactly the coil you
>Yes, the plans are way less than Ideal, but since this design was the third
>coil I ever built I thought I might say something if you're inclined to
>continue on with this 4" x 12" coil form...
>I built the coil just like the plans say, except I used 26-gauge wire
>of 25-gauge, and it was space-wound. (Stop shouting! <grin>)
>I had to put many layers of polyethylene sheeting between the primary and
>secondary to prevent arc-over.
>I used a salt-water caoacitor made from a large, tin washtub and gallon
>The gap was a rotary, 16' dia. with 12 electrodes, driven by a 2HP motor,
>no speed adjustment, only dwell adjustment.
>The plans called for a ten-turn primary, but that was too much I know now,
>because when I would draw the spark, I would be strongly "pulsed", (but I
>kinda like that ;)
>The output was about 18" from either pole. If I stood on a chair-mat or a
>sheet of acrylic, I could draw the arc and have 9"-12" sparks flying out of
>my feet and snaking all across the plastic. :)
>One time, a friend and I were drawing the arc from each pole simultaneously.
>Standing side-by-side, we got too close together, and a hot bolt shot
>our shoulders. The resulting shock almost knocked us both down. We laughed.
>Another time, a friend and I were taping this coil in action. The cam-corder
>was plugged into the wall and the cord from it was hanging down my friend's
>back as he filmed. Standing on a chair, I held one of the terminals and
>had him draw an arc from a piece of metal held in my other hand. Apparently
>the RF-current acted as a conduit for the 60-cycle current powering the
>camera, and we both got majorly shocked, the second-worse I ever had. I
>soiled myself. ;)
>Even though the design was way less than ideal, as Richard has pointed out,
>we still had a lot of fun with it. :) You could wind it without spacing, and
>go to about a 30" dia. primary and get "ok" performance, I think. Not a
>performer, but good for a test to see if more hobby money should be
>to a better design. :)
>Dan  <klineda-at-univscvm.csd.sc.edu>


Thanks.  I think we are going to redesign it to use a 6" dia form about 42"
long and then use a 12" dia primary.

Ed Sonderman