XRay wanna-be's

FOR SALE - xray sensitive rare earth screens (lanthanum oxybromide 
phosphor).  These screens fluoresce a nice green color when exposed 
to xrays and are more sensitive than the calcium tungstate based 
screens of olden days (although that's still used, also).

approx 4"x4" - $10 each or 2/$15  (mouse fluoroscopy?)
9.5"x9.5" - $25 (check out the bones in your hand)
14"x17" - $55 (make sure your heart is still beating)

email me (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu) directly if you're interested or 
have questions - no need to clutter up Chip's mailing list with 
responses (if any).

Notes - 

I might only have one 14"x17" screen available - there is one other 
person I am waiting to hear from (hopefully tonight) who has first shot at 

These will be advertised in an upcoming TCBA newsletter at slightly 
higher prices.

I really don't advocate the above uses for these screens since xrays 
are dangerous and should not be played with.  You can use these 
screens to see if any of your experiments are generating xrays if 
you're concerned, or they could be used in real xray experiments with 
the proper precautions (shielding, dosimetry, etc...) if you're so 

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)