Re: Scans


Hmm....I must have over looked this one.  

>> It was described by Marcus young recently.  Is the theory good?
>The theory is good, but there is even a better idea. The gap as
>described is not really a series gap but a parallel gap. The true
>series gap is a better quencher, but is more difficult to design
>and build. The rotor disk is made from an insulator, such as the
>G-10 glass-epoxy. Each electrode on the rotor disk is wired with
>a strap or copper pipe to the electrode opposite. The perimeter
>stationary electrodes are wired up in pairs to the stationary 
>electrode next to it. The end effect is that the arc is
>established in true series across all electrodes, moving and
>stationary both. These type gaps are pretty advanced, and can be
>a nightmare to balance and set up.

Mabye I was a little cryptic, but I do mean a 'true' series gap.
I would'nt consider a parallel gap of any kind...........
All electrodes do fire in series through 6 out of 12 on the