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Greetings...coil builders...
I am about to start buiding a few capacitors, but before I do..I woulld
like you to take a look at my design..for critique/suggestions..
I have posted it on my web site..
here are the directions to get there...
...open this site:  http://www.astroman-dot-com
...click on the graphic capable route...
...click on the second to last button (unlabeled) (next to the "links" button)

and there you are..
I put a mailto command right with it.
Thanks fo your time!

Message from Coco
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[ For those of you who don't have web access, here's the text:
Hello coil builders

Thanks for taking the time to check this out...
What I have here is a plate capacitor design for critique.
This unit is rated (calculated, not tested), at 15,000 volts it has a rated
capacitance of 0.01 uf
The dielectric is 1/8th in. (0.125") poystyrene and are 10"x15"
The plates are 1/16th in. (0.0625") copper and are 9" x 14"
The left corner of every other plate is cut off at 45 degrees.
The right corner of every OTHER plate is also cut...this is to allow every
other plate to be connected conductivly to each other with the 1/4" copper
rods passing through the lest and right sides....the central rod is non
conductive nylon and passes through all plates and dielectrics.
A nut on the ends of these rods holds the core together.
The rods pass through the nuts and into the mounting bosses, to hold the core
suspended in mimeral oil.
The housing is 1/4" plastic (maybe acrylic..clearr for viewing), The top is
scored by rec. to allow for pressure release in the evnt of failure.

Disregard the change in core pattern in the gif below..this happened on the
computer and does not signify a design element.

Please take a moment to look it over, any questions, comments, or suggestions
are very welcome....

Robert Del Bueno coco-at-astroman-dot-com