HV list


If your list does stay strictly Tesla as you prefer, you can look the 
following notice over and post it whenever you want.


As per the general concensus, Chip has elected to keep the scope of his 
list strictly limited to Tesla coils, so......  

This is to officially introduce a new mailing list that will cover 
non-Tesla coil high voltage topics, with emphasis on high-voltage lab 
techniques and precautions, equipment construction and experimentation, 
and vacuum technology as applied to high voltage engineering.  

Also by the general concensus (and my own preference), this list will 
NOT be a forum to debate or explore the ramifications of zero point 
energy or over-unity devices, Tesla conspiracy theories, alchemy, 
anti-gravity devices, UFO's and extraterrestrial mysteries, scalar 
electromagnetics, or similar topics.  Acceptable topics will include 
electrostatics, physics, electrodynamics, electromagnetics, and other 
"hard" (i.e. - experimentally verifiable) subjects.

To facillitate the free exchange of information, the list will initially 
be unmoderated, and I will respectfully request that the participants 
keep the posts on appropriate subjects.  

If you are interested in participating in this list, please email 
hvadmin-at-anchorage.ab.umd.edu with your request and as much information as 
you care to include (name, address, phone number, special areas of 
interest or expertise, whether you are looking for other experimenters in 
your area, etc...).  No information will be made available without your 
express consent.

----- End Included Message -----