Re: Tesla Capacitor

Hello Richard,

> .....My capacitor arrived in perfect condition, beautifully and
> professionally packed. There is no way that I would have been
> able purchase a similar unit at this exceptional price had it not
> been for your most generous assistance and your high standard of
> personal honesty.  .....

Thank you for the complement.
> I also want to state that this is not the first time you have
> gone way out of your way to help me in particular, and the group
> as a whole. I recently unpacked my Superior Electric 0-280 V 28 A
> Powerstat ........

Thank you again.  I am blushing. ;-)

> Scott, thank you for a job well done... But I know this order did
> not saturate the market for Tesla capacitors... How long do you
> think before another large capacitor order sprouts up?

Whew!  I am still recovering from that one.  You should have seen my basement.  What a mess!  
Styrofoam and cardboard, EVERYWHERE!  I think it will be at least a few months before I try to 
take on another such project.  The amount of work was more than I had bargained for.  If I do 
decide I would like to take on another such project, I will let everyone know.  I must admit 
I do enjoy the search for components.  It's almost as much fun as the actual building of 
coils, to me anyway.  (I must have a hidden masochistic tendancy.) Let's see, I've done 
Powerstats and capacitors.  What can I find next?.......  

> When it
> does please count me in. I am already wishing I had had an extra
> $200.00 in December for a second unit...

You got it.

Talk to you soon,
Scott Myers