TC Secondary Coil

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Quoting Bob Schumann <tesla-at-NETCTRL.COM>:

> I recently purchased a 36" long and 6" diameter fiberglass tube
> for my secondary coil form. I dont know if I should cut it down
> in size or not. I did a couple of calculations assuming... 

Bob, I recommend between 800 - 1000 turns of wire assuming the
aspect ratio and wire gauge are beefy enough. Assuming a 6 inch
diameter coil form I would close wind with #22 AWG magnet wire
for about 880 turns. This will get you ~290 kHz with the bare
coil. To get the coil down to 200 kHz, load on a hefty toroid
discharger. The coil should perform very well despite the high
dissipation factor of the fiberglass coil form.

Good Luck!

Richard Quick

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