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> Our local stationary supplys is having a sale at the moment
> and is selling boxes of 100 A4 document holders for 2.50 u.k.
> Pounds. These folders measuring aprox 8inch by 11inch are
> manufactured from polypropylene. The only ref. i can find
> to this material states that "it is a very low loss
> di-electric suitable for continuous high a.c voltages. It will
> withstandhigh voltage, fast rise time pulses and has an 
> excellent high frequency performance." 

> Could anybody advise me on their possible suitability for a
> stacked plate capacitor and give me the "K" value and punture
> voltage as most of my tables dont list it.

polymer         dielectric      dielectric      dissipation
                constant        strength        factor
                50Hz / 1Mhz     (Kv/cm)         50Hz / 1Mhz (x10^-3)
--------        -----------     -----------     -----------
Polypropylene   2.27 / 2.25     240             .40 / .50

This plastic is a very suitable dielectric for pulse discharge 

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