Re: poly-alum caps

> From: ken cravens <kcravens-at-sound-dot-net>
> Subject: poly-alum caps
> Hey coilers,
> I just got R.Hulls poly cap video; lotsa detailed instructions. Looks like
> with a little elbow grease you can build some good quality caps. My question
> is this...with the size of poly and alum he uses they come out to about
> .0187 or so (mfd) so I was wonderin', since the coil I'm buildin' with neon
> power, needs about .0047 mfd. Can I just vary the size of the materials to
> get the needed capacitance? I'm using a 7" dia. 24.5" winding with #22
> magnet wire. One 12000V neon -at- 30 milliamps, but will prolly add another or
> two later to get up the watts. Any suggestions or ideas will, as always, be
> much appreciated.

Yes you can, the area of the poly/alum stack is directly proportional to the
capacitance value of the finished product.  Use 1/4 the plate area and you 
get 1/4 the capacitance.

 _Mike McCarty