New Book from Tesla Memorial Society

We have translated the book: Tesla's Correspondence with Relatives in
ENGLESH. It contains more than 200 pages and we recommend that it gets
wide distribution in the scholastic community and elsewhere. It contains
a Preface by Dr. A.S. Marincic, Introduction by Dr. Nenad V. Mandich,
Tesla's relative and translated by Nicholas Kosanovich.


TESLA MEMORIAL SOCIETY, Inc.  http://www.neuronet.pitt.edu/~bogdan/tesla
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THE PURPOSE of this society is to honor and perpetuate the memory and
ideals of the great scientist and inovator, Nikola Tesla through
appropriate academic conferences, scholarship awards, and various
cultural activities. It is a nonpolitical and nonprofit organization.


William Terbo,  Honorary Chairman
Nicholas Kosanovich,  Executive Secretary Treasurer (716) 822-0281
Patrick Porter,  Editor
Terry Howard,  Media Co-Ordinator
Philip Momcilovich
Paul Kosanovich, Archivist
John W. Wagner, Chairperson/Youth Division
Dr. L. Vujovic, M.D.
Dr. M. Gavrilovic, Canada

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