another version of frequency formula

The formula I previously posted for the resonant frequency of an "unloaded" 
helix can be cast in a slightly different form which is similar to the form 
Mark B posted:
F = ---------------------
     4x length of winding

The above formula does not take into account the coiling of the wire. 
Written in similar terms to the above, the formula I posted becomes:

	  c                                 (1/5)
F = ------------------------ x (5/4) x (H/D)
     4 x length of winding

c=speed of light
H=height of coil
D=diameter of coil

Nothing special. Just highlights the difference due to coiling the wire. 
For an H/D=10, the two forms differ only by a factor of 2.

SOrry to beat a dead horse.
-Ed Harris