Re: Self Capacitance formulas

I guess.  However, for the best reference on Antennas and esp. Helical Antennas
you should read the Antenna Bible;

	John D. Kraus
	2nd Ed.
	ISBN:  0-07-100482-3

	Dr. Kraus was the inventor of the Helical Antenna.  I don't know much
about this subject since I am just starting out here.  However, I guess a
bible is a bible?


	I like Kraus' book too. But he doesn't cover the Normal Mode Helix 
in much detail since it is not very useful as a radiator. He spends more 
time on the axial mode where the helix is driven at much higher frequencies
. Also, I don't think you can rightly credit Kraus with the invention of 
the helical antenna. He certainly reseearched it extensively, but I think 
Wheeler of inductance formula fame worked with helical antennas before 
Kraus. There are probably others too.

-Ed Harris