corona discharge expermnt

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> I have become most interested in the corona discharge effect 
> (thresh hold before full ionization). 

> I am interested in building a coil that will offer me 
> possibilities to experement with this type of phenomena, and I
> was thinking of a 1/2 wave system... What configuration would 
> you find yourself using for this type of discgharge ?

Huh! What a coincidence. I just assembled one of these yesterday.
I have an old refrigerator that was donated to me by a relative.
The door seals and compressor were replaced just three years ago;
but it had been stored dirty, wet, and closed for nearly eight
months in record heat here in the midwest. Mildew city. My wife
was appalled that I brought it into the house. After gagging she
left the room saying "This is YOUR PROBLEM!". I could not get the
smell out despite a disassembly and thorough cleaning with a
strong solution of bleach and detergent. I scrubbed for nearly
two hours straight, every nook and cranny was gone over with a
toothbrush. Sparkling clean, when you closed the door for five
minutes and opened it back up the smell was still awful.

My first electrical project in my new house was setting a small
1/2 wave Tesla coil system up inside of the refrigerator. I used
two aluminum pie pans for the end terminals on a tiny coil wound
on a 12x3 inch PVC pipe (junk box), two spark plug gaps, about
.002 microfarads capacitance, a single 9kv 30ma neon power
supply. It took about an hour to set up. I tuned the coil so
corona would illuminate the space between the two pie pans. With
the refrigerator closed and running I would energize the coil and
let it run for five minutes, then shut it off for 15 minutes. I
did this most of the afternoon yesterday while unpacking. Before
I went to bed I let the thing run for about 15 minutes straight.

The next morning the smell had been nearly eliminated by the
ozone produced by my little machine. I removed the equipment,
wiped the refrigerator out with a mild baking soda solution, and
followed up with a wipe down of imitation vanilla extract. The
refrigerator smelled great, and still smelled great after the
door was closed for several hours. My wife was seriously

Someone out there was asking about practical uses for Tesla
coils???? My coil knowledge just saved me $400.00 on a new

Richard Quick

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