Re: RF Spectrum

You wrote: 

>	I just want to clear up an issue here.  So any advice is helpfull.
>	Now on the tesla coil, my very basic understanding is that the coil
>is really nothing more than an 'Antenna' wrapped around a pole.  And as an
>Antenna it gives off an RF frequency based upon its capacitance.

Actually, that is not quite right.  A Tesla coil is a 1/4 wave helical 
resonator.  It has a natural resonant frequency which is inversely 
proportional to the total length of wire used, and is approximately equal to:

    F = 0.25 * c / wire_length      where c = speed of light

The coil will also react to odd harmonics of F:  3F, 5F, 7F... at rapidly 
decreasing amplitudes.  To get a real good gut understanding of how Tesla 
coil secondaries work, read about organ pipes which are open at the top.  
They are the acoustic analog.