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>ubject:  More images!
>There are some more images on the way.  These images are from Ed
>Sonderman, and are pictures of his coil.  
>There are also some images of my coil.  
>NOTE: The image with me near the firing coil is A TRICK!  I double
>exposed in a dark garage.  I would never be that close when it was
>The long spark in another image of the coil firing is estimated at
>about 60" long.  The shorter sparks got up to 50" measured inches,
>so I estimate that the one long spark is about 60".


Thanks for posting the picture of my control board (pict ES1).  I enjoyed
your pictures.  What size is your toroid?  What is is made out of?  It looks
similar to mine but is much larger in height.  I think mine are 5 or 6 inches
thick, made from pvc drain pipe.  Yours looks to be about 10 ".

I also enjoyed Mark Bartons pictures.  What a project.  I sure would like to
see it run.

Ed Sonderman

[ The toroid is made of 7" Al drier duct, soldered to two Al pie pans that
  are 9" in diameter.  In cross section: O>--<O.  I think mine looks much 
  larger because it's only about 22" in diameter (7 + 9 + 7 -~1), so
  the aspect ratio is .33 or 3, depending if it's w/h or h/w :-)