Re: Oven elements, and misc comment.

>Teflon doesn't need to cold flow to loosen up.  Teflon has 1/100th the 
>friction of wet soap.  I have a coil wound with 22awg teflon on a 
>polyethylene barrel!  Try that for slippery.  We used an adhesive 
>called "Goop" to hold the wire in place.  Basically the goop needs to 
>surround the wire and mechanically hold it in place.  
>The above coil still fell apart.

There is a method to bond to TEFLON (or TEFLON coated products) by the use
of a chemical treating agent called CHEMGRIP.  Its a specially formulated
high flash point sodium etching solution for treating TFE and other
fluoropolymers to make their surfaces bondable using conventional adhesives.
I have used this treating agent, it works quite well, although it is pretty
costly...about $36.00 a pint!

There is also a substance called CHEMGRIP CEMENT which is a special 2 part
epoxy adhesives that will bond treated TFE (TEFLON products) to ALL common
materials (wood, metals, glass, ceramics. ect) with a strength approaching
that of the fluorocarbons themselves.  CHEMGRIP CEMENT is a two part
room-temperture curing, thixotropic material.  Part A is red, and Part B is
amber.  Service temperatures range from 0F to 200F.  Sold in pint sets (Part
A & Part B), each set does approximately 80 square feet of material.  There
is also another, CHEMGRIP CEMENT HT, which is similar to above except
extremely durable at high temperatures, rangeing from 200F to 500F, and is
sold in POUND sets.

Prices for the CHEMGRIP CEMENT:     

     CHEMGRIP CEMENT (pint kit)      $40.00
     CHEMGRIP CEMENT HT (pound kit   $137.80

I have used all three of these compounds and have no problems keeping it
together, actually it is almost impossible to get it apart after it bonds.
Well just thought I would give my 2 cents...


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