surplus items, Dayton area

Chip was asking about the possibility of me doing some
remote buying.  I visited a couple of surplus stores in 
the area and came up with some items that may be of 

Midwest Surplus Electronics    

AC current transformers
   90:5 or 180:5
   50-400 Hz 600v
   3 1/4" x 2 3/8" x 2"	
   center hole 1 1/8"
   new surplus


They have over 100 of each ratio in stock

(One could probably pass several turns of wire through these
to reduce the ratio, if needed. They were sold out of 60:5)

GE 0-5 amp panel ammeters
   3 1/2" x 3 1/2
   blank face 
   new in original box

They have four of these

They also have various line filters 3 to 30 amps
from $1.00 to $3.00


Mendelson Electronics Co Inc

They put out a pretty good catalog, but that's nothing
compared to their HUGE warehouse full of stuff.

They had two variacs for $150 a piece

each consisted of three 10 to 20 amp variacs ganged together
these were brand new in the box made by a local company 
here in Dayton.  There weren't any specs on the units and
the price was a bit much for me, but if anybody's interested
a phone call to MECI might get you the exact specs.  Tell
them a buddy seen 'em in the transformer section of the retail

They also had a box of 15kv .004 ufd doorknob caps (I didn't
notice the price).

If there's anything else you may be looking for ask the 
guys at MECI, they a little bit of everything.


Personally, I have a watt transducer for sale:

3 phase, four wire
Inputs: 69 volts and 0-5 amps
Output: 1 ma DC into 0-15k ohms
Full Scale = 1000 watts

This measures true power in watts and is meant to be hooked to 
a 0-1 ma ammeter.

SHOULD work on a 120/240 system with two small (tiny) 120:69 volt
xformers feeding it and the proper CTs on the lines being metered.
Ammeter face would be calibrated to 1000 x PT ratio (.58) x CT ratio.
Yours for five bucks (that's what I paid for it). These cost about
$300-$400 new so for the price I paid I figured I could make it
work, but I came across a model better suited to my purposes for

 -Mike McCarty