Re: Carter 1 hp ac/dc

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>Hi All,
>I got one o those carter motors, and a bridge rectifier, but need to know
>how to wire the rect. it looks like this...
>                                            ______
>                                   +       /  _   |   
>                                          |    - ?|
>                                          |       |
>                                 ac       |_______|  
> the cut-off corner (upper left ) says +
>and the bottom left terminal says ac...I don't know if pic will prnt right,
>but from the bottom, the top left term. is plus, and the term. under it is
>ac...Just guessin' I'd say the upper right is neg.? It's a cheap part, but I
>don't wanna waste it guessin', when some of you guys know already..
>btw I found some hi-Q minerl oil...thanx for re's. Read ya later!
>                                                                   ken
>                         I got a ticket for going 19200 in a 14400 zone
>[NOTE: I tried to patch up the drawing, but I may have made a 
> mistake or two.  -- Chip ]


You should be able to draw out the circuit by measuring your bridge with an
ohmmeter.  The junction of two cathodes is DC Positive, the junction of two
anodes is DC Negative the other two terminals are the AC input and should be
the junction of a cathode and an anode.  I would draw some ascii art but in
would not be readable.

Ed Sonderman