RF Spectrum

Hi all,
	I just want to clear up an issue here.  So any advice is helpfull.

	Now on the tesla coil, my very basic understanding is that the coil
is really nothing more than an 'Antenna' wrapped around a pole.  And as an
Antenna it gives off an RF frequency based upon its capacitance.

	Now the RF Spectrum is (according to my basic electronics book):

	15Khz to 30Khz		VLF (Very Low Frequency)
	30Khz to 300Khz		LF  (Low Frequency)
	300Khz to 3MHz		MF  (Medium Frequency)
	3MHz to 30MHz		HF  (High Frequency)
	30MHz to 300MHz		VHF (Very High Frequency)
	300MHz to 3000MHz	UHF (Ultra High Frequency)
	3000MHz to 30,000MHz	SHF (Super High Frequency)

	Since these are all Radio Frequency's.  Can the tesla coil operate
in all these Frequencys'?  Or is there a upper limit to the tesla coil?