carter 1 hp motor

Hey Chip,
Lemme try that again. Did anyone get one of those bridge rectifiers from C&H
recommended for the carter 1 hp ac/dc motor? I tried to draw it in an
earlier post but it didn't turn out right. Looking at the bottom view its
square and the top left corner is cut off flat    /  with a horiz. terminal
protruding toward you  and a + (pos) mark...the Bottom left corner has a
vertical term. |  and says ac...the right terminals, top & bottom are both
vertical too, but not marked.  Can't cha just see it in yer mind < grin > So
please tell me which term. is which? I'd guess the bottom right is the other
ac, but I don't wanna fry it ta try it. Thanks!
                                                  ken  "the elictrical
wizard" cravens