Re: Condenser Products capacitor

Hi coilers,

>        Great job, I'm waiting for a catalog and specs on your caps from
>Condenser Products.

I happen to have a list of all TC caps avaliable from Condenser Producs in
front of me, so I'll do a quick listing myself.

2400VACRMS :  'TC104-04-050' C=.1uF    $67
              'TC204-04-050' C=.2uF    $87

7500VACRMS :  'TC502-13-125' C=.005uF  $58
              'TC103-13-125' C=.01uF   $68
              'TC153-13-125' C=.015uF  $85
              'TC253-13-125' C=.025uF  $103
              'TC503-13-125' C=.05uF   $129
              'TC104-13-125' C=.1uF    $208

10000VACRMS:  'TC103-17-125' C=.01uF   $67 
12000VACRMS:  'TC104-21-300' C=.1uF    $345

15000VACRMS:  'TC502-25-225' C=.005uF  $92
              'TC103-25-225' C=.01uF   $118
              'TC203-25-225' C=.02uF   $180
              'TC253-25-225' C=.025uF  $185
              'TC503-25-225' C=.05uF   $245
              'TC104-25-225' C=.1uF    $350
              'TC204-25-225' C=.2uF    $520 *This ones a monster!*

20000VACRMS:  'TC502-34-300' C=.005uF  $100
              'TC103-34-300' C=.01uF   $160
              'TC253-34-300' C=.025uF  $207
              'TC503-34-300' C=.05uF   $325
              'TC104-34-300' C=.1uF    $450
32000VACRMS:  'TC502-56-250' C=.005uF  $180
              'TC103-54-250' C=.01uF   $210    

***These are just the 'standard' makes from CP, though I understand
for a reasonable extra fee, caps can be exactly customised to suit any
V/C/I requirements.