Primary Q

I have not seen an answer to my earlier post on primary component
configuration.  I would appreciate some input from those with experience in
this area.

I currently have my coil mounted on a roll around cart.  It has a plywood top
and about 32" below that is a bottom shelf.  The primary/secondary are
mounted on the top and the capacitor and spark gaps are mounted on the bottom
shelf.  I have two problems here, the interconnections are all made with
RG213 (two pieces in parallel) which I think is too small - I plan to replace
all the interconnection wire, except the moveable tap lead, with 3/8" copper
tubing which is what the primary is wound with.  The moveable tap lead I will
change to use three lengths of RG213 in parallel.  I also want to shorten all
the interconnect lengths by physically raising the capacitor and gaps as high
up as possible.  Will I encounter inferference problems with the primary if I
have these components mounted too close underneath?  Like can I mount my
Condenser Products capacitor to the underside of the plywood that the primary
sits on?  Or should I try to keep everything spaced a foot or so below that?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman