Re: Transformer basics

>Hi all 
>      my intro post hasn't arrived here yet but some may remember me from
>tesla-at-usa-dot-net. I posted there before about the problems i've been having  
>getting suitable supply transformers. At the moment i dont have a working 
>coil and the only transformers i could lay my hands on (10kv-at-30ma and
>seem to be all that was available.

        I using 1/2 of a 15Kv neon right now. 7.5Kv at 60ma. and am getting
2' sparks. Over the weekend Richard Quick needed a quick shot of ozone and
thru together a TC with "small" parts on hand and got over 30" with 1 neon!
don't dispare.

> I have all the local sign shops looking-
>out as they dismantle old signs and have even contacted a company in london 
>who used to wind a very large proportion of neon transformers in the uk but 
>every one seems to be using solid state 600V H.F. supplys now, (probably 
>another damn E.C. regulation).

Yep, I've spent the last 2 months testing my companies equipment to comply
with EC 92. some good, some bad!

> My two transformers give me about
>1.1KVA after unpotting and removal of a couple of shunt plates, and are 
>probably more than ample for my first attempts, although i'll probably soon
>outgrow and /or destroy them in my first efforts. 
I think Ed Sodergrin(sp) was up to 50" sparks on 15Kv -at- 120ma.

Also look for Oil furnace ignition xformers, and high pressure Xenon Lamp
Ignitors. the Xenon lamp ignitors are a 15KV 20ma-30ma shunt limited
xformer, a 1800pF 30Kv doorknob cap, sparkgap and HV xformer. I found one
surplus for $19.95 US last november.

                        good scrounging (looking for odd parts, incase the
american idiom doesn't translate)