Re: Another Capacitor Order?

Hello Marcus,

> Well, I'm interested in a pair of TC104-21-300 caps(or better) for a high
> power equidrive tank. I know the cost ($345US)... Could CP be lobbyed for
> .15uF'sat 10KV??

Well, they will make a special outside of the range of their normal Tesla caps, but they really 
don't want to.  What that means is that they will cost more.  There are a couple of other 
companies that will make exactly what you want.  They are more expensive however.  It is my 
feeling that the .1 uF -at- 15,000 VAC RMS (TC104-25-225, $350 US) would be the best choice.  You 
get a higher voltage rating (15 KVRMS vs 12.5 KV RMS) for only $5 more.  However, if price is not 
a problem..........

> This should reduce the price fractionally, but a bulk order
> mightprove even better. I personally think CP should produce a larger range
> of 10KV caps, for equidrive systems.

I think that getting a bulk order on capacitors that large might be a problem.  I'm don't think 
too many coilers are going to want them that large.  I would still be willing to export them to 
you, as I did for the fellows in New Zealand.  CP won't export directly.

> Yep, I'm interested in a pair of 10KV-at-.1-.015uF caps for my 'should seal the
> deal soon' 20KVA pig.

Wow!  You really want some large capacitors.  If you really want them and can afford them, let me 
know exactly what you are after and I will lay the groundwork.  I am going to buy another couple 
of "standard" capacitors soon anyway.

Scott Myers