Re: another CP order

Hello all,

Due to many inquiries on the capacitor deal I recently finished, I am
looking at getting a new order started.  Such a deal is only possible
if we order the same capacitor.  As RQ pointed out, 20 KV is a rating
that will satisfy most.  If you are looking at a balanced circuit, you
only need half that voltage, but twice the capacitance.

If you are interested in buying a commercial cap, I need some
information to see if there are even enough people interested in the
same capacitors (or range of capaciotors) to see if we can save money
on a group purchase.  So, I need several questions answered.  They are
as follows:

Capacitor voltage rating needed:  Approx. capacitive value needed:
Number of capacitors required:

After I collected the above data from those that are TRULY interested,
I will post the results.  Please do not answer the above post if you
can't afford a few hundred dollars for capacitors.  These capacitors
are not at all cheap.

Please send answers directly to me.  Scott Myers (scotty-at-wesnet-dot-com)