Re: Secondary Winding Done

>  Don:
>    I enjoyed reading your story on your coil wind effort.  Sounds 
>  like many of us a learning afew things here and there.  Just 
>  wondering when your system might be completed--you should post 
>  again when some additional steps have been made.  I think many 
>  people probably enjoy others project progress too!

>  Good Luck

>  Chuck Curran

Thanks, Chuck.  I admire your ingenuity at constructing the gear motor winder.
I found myself with a good flare-up of carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist
after finishing the coil!

One place that the motor drive also would have helped is in keeping the tube
turning as the epoxy cures.  The stuff I used would flow for 3 hours or so
until it set.  I had to rotate the tube every 10 minutes or so by hand to
keep the coating even.  It was a major pain!

I am making my spark gap from the same 6" acrylic cylinder stock, with 1"
diameter hard copper tubing for the electrodes and a muffin fan for cooling.
I'm tempted to mount a vacuum motor on top instead.  The clear acrylic
will allow checking the spark action in the gap.  It should look impressive
in operation.

By the way, I mounted the terminal plate on the secondary last night using
Richard Quick's suggested method of flattening the wire, soldering to the
formed copper plate, and epoxying in place.  I am very pleased with the
result.  It was quite easy to do.

Don Froula