Re: Dan's coil


>PVC is lossy and not recommended.
>---> What material should I use and where can it be obtained?
Acrylic tube works well.  You can get it from a plastics supply house.  Look 
around in a household supply place for a polyethylene waste basket of 
correct proportions.  They're everywhere once you start looking.

>>Main Transformer:
>---> No, the transformer is not self limiting.
You will require inductive/resistive balast in series with the low voltage 
side.  TC's are veritable short circuits in operation.  People on this list 
like things such as oven elements and arc-welder primaries (with shorted 
secondaries) for balast components.

>>.025uf CAP:

>---> I am not sure what the dielectric is.  It is in a rectangular metal
>case with a huge ceramic insulator coming out of the top center.
Well, just try it out and see.  Monitor the capacitor case frequently for 
heat.  Be sure and discharge it thoroughly first.