Re: Pointseries gaps 'vs' other types

Hello Ed:

>Then I built a rotary gap using a lexan disc---

I am curious about material selection for a rotary spark gap.  I too 
am interested in being careful with the rotor in the rotary gap.  Do 
you know, or anyone else what a good material choice might be?? or 
phrased in another way did you select the lexan because of 
appropriate features or was it handy in the parts box?  I was 
planning on ordering the plastic for the gap but need to resolve 
this point first.  Do the metal parts get very hot--is temperature a 
concern for the selected material? 
    I would also be interested in the material thicknesses that  
have been used for rotary/series gap rotors.  I sure would 
appreciate your comments Ed and anyone else that's worked with this. 
   I've purchased flange blocks with bearings rated at 7500 RPM, 
(with reduced life above this) for my gap.  The Carter motor will 
drive through a Lovejoy flexible coupling into a 5/8" diameter 
centerless ground shaft.  I've made an adapter to mate the "plastic 
rotor" to the shaft, next step is to order the plastic.  There will 
be a minimum of 5 1/2" from the motor(motor case will be grounded) 
to any high voltage area on the gap--good or bad? Comments 
appreciated.  Thanks in Advance!

Chuck Curran