Re: Sparks

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>Fellow sparkers,
>Lit my 4" coil for the first time last night.  Nothing really
>spectacular compared to what some of you guys are getting, but
>I'll take 1' with a single 60 ma neon into free air as an 
>accomplishment for a first round test.  The setup is rather
>crude and I am kind of suprised it came to life at all.  If there
>wasn't florescent lights down here, I probably would not have found
>the tune.  It is only 3.5 turns out and very sharp.  4 vaccuume
>gaps that are not the best and only 12 ga wire to hook it all
>together leaves considerable room to improve.  A couple of hits
>to the florescent fixtures just short of 17" kept it interesting.  
>Changed over to 4 ga for the tank tonight.  Tomorrow I'll see if 
>there is any difference in performance.


Congratulations.  First sparks are always exciting.

Ed Sonderman