Re: FET inverter driven coils


I have posted on this coil several times in the past.  Is there a digest 
version of this list?  If so, you can find detailed descriptions by searching 

Once again, in a nutshell:
Runs on rectified 220VAC, 10KW CW, 40KW pulsed.
4 FETs per leg, H-bridge directly driving tightly coupled primary.
Secondary is 22awg teflon wound on polyethylene barrel. Fo=80KHz.
CW operation yields 4 foot flat sheet of electrical flame.
Pulsed operation produces longer forked "classical" Tesla coil look.



>	In looking at Bill Beaty's Home page I found a a snippet from Mark 
>Barton about his FET driven coil. Sounds really intertesting and I don't 
>recall anything on Chip's list about this coil. 
>	Mark, would you be inclined to provide us with the details on this 
>	-Ed Harris