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> I have another question - to connect the ground rods together,
> I was thinking of using something like 1.0" or 1.5" copper 
> water pipe, flattened out on the ends and soldered to the rods. 
> This is going to be expensive.  I remember seeing what I think
> was galvanized aluminum roof flashing at the hardware store 
> when I bought the flashing for my capacitors.  I think 
> galvanizing is mostly zinc - if so, I should be able to get a 
> roll of this about 4.0" or 6.0" wide and use it to solder
> the ground rods together. What do you think?

I am not sure that they galvinize aluminum flashing, so what you
saw may have been galvinized steel sheet. Why not go with
straight aluminum?

The stuff is cheap in the 4" and 6" rolls. It also cuts and bends
easily. Smear the top of the copper ground rod with "Contax" or
similar compound used to prevent electrolysis whenever Cu/Al
connections are made. Wrap the aluminum flashing around the top
of the rod, a couple of turns is all you need. Then cut two or
three short vertical slices into the flashing. Open up a few
small slotted screw type hose clamps, feed the clamp through the
slice in the flashing, and tighten until it is solid and the
Contax oozes from the connection. This should work fine for a few
years with hardly any maintenance. 

Richard Quick

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