Re: Neon pricing

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>>Is water based polyurethane a bad coating to use? I was just thinking of
>>using it!
>>                        Kevin M. Conkey
>>[Yes, it's bad (for coiling).  Don't use it.  I have and got terrible results.
>> -- Chip]
>Man, I'm *so* glad I'm not the only one. ;)
Well then let me tell you about my day yesterday: It occured to me that the
high humidity that we've (california) have been having may have been lower
the R of my coil, so I baked it for 30 minutes in the oven. As I was carring
it out to coat it with solvent based polyurethane, I had just steped out of
the garage -/\/\/\- zap, a several mile cloud-to-cloud strike almost
overhead! I then had visions of VOLTAGE RISE from that primary. I didn't
feel a thing, but later in the day it effected the weather;) about 2 hours
later I was checking the coil for drips and runs: Sun to the west, rainbow
to the east, snow from above and lightning to the north. I have never seen
snow falling thru a rainbow before: beautifull!

It may not be good for coiling, but it make for unique weather:)