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>Guys,  I've been running my 2 rolled caps at 12kv for close to a year
>without a burnout.  The first one I ran alone for about 9 months. 
>That cap sat in oil for about 2 months or more before I ever used it. 
>The second one sat for at least a month, but was hooked up in series
>with the first when it was first fired.  Do you think that the oil
>saturating the roll is preventing a burnout?
>Of course I am using the 2 rolled caps for a stand for the primary now
>that I have my 2 commercial caps. :)
>Mark R. Napier
&*&*((^ I'm jellous. Can I have one:) or two or ...

What dialectric did you use? 1 0.060 polyethylene like I did as an expediant
method, or 3 0.030" layer like Richard Quick recomends?