Re: Secondary Wire?

Hi Jeff,

> What's the current wisdom on secondary wire? We've got a 12.75" x 40"
> PVC form that needs rewinding (This old Tesla Coil - Pictures comming to
> the web site soon).
> We removed 1100' of 18ga. stranded wire and now wish to replace it with
> around 2500' of new wire. We're on a hobbist's budget so go easy...
> Supplier suggestions would be welcome too... Thanks...

Your original photos were already posted.

My calculations would put you at about 950 turns, at 40" long.  With 18 gauge
magnet wire, 12.75" dia x 40" long winding, you should be in at just under
3200' of wire.  At 203.4 ft/lb, you come in at 15.73 lbs of wire.  So, let's
say you need 16 lbs.  Copper magnet wire fluctuates with the price of copper.
My last wire cost me $2.50 per lb.  If it is at $3 now (I don't really know,
I'm just going high for the sake of argument), it should cost you $48, plus

I get my wire from a local electric motor repair house.  These places are
good sources for magnet wire, including the heavy coated stuff.  Check with
your local motor repair house for exact pricing.

Hope that helps,
Scott Myers