Re: Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

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>Fellow spoolers...
>Today was spent setting up the 6kva Thorardson transformer on
>my coil that was previously driven with a 15kv 30ma neon quite
>sucessfully.  I could not get a breakout with this new setup no
>matter what I tried.  The florescent lamps above the coil lit up 
>brighter than ever, but no breakout.  I did draw the most active
>spark ever to date by placing a wooden handled ice scraper about
>a foot away from the torroid.  With all that energy, I cannot belive 
>that there was no breakout.  Hopefully the "bathtub" learing curve
>rule is in effect and lessons learned will be fruitful in short
>order.  I did discover that the Thorardson is not current limited.
>The welder was necessary and quite effective.  Valuable lessons 
>learned there.  Spark gaps were improved and fired quite activly
>and sharply.
>Tomorrow is another day


What is the voltage and current rating of the transformer?  Are you now using
a rotary gap?  When I first tried to fire my coil with the new pole pig
(after running with 12kv, 120ma neons) I could not even get the same
performance that I had with the neons.  My static gaps were not quenching all
the current supplied by the pole pig and would essentially keep the output
voltage of the pig clamped at a low value.  I built a rotary (now operated in
series with a static gap) and have good performance.  Good quenching of the

Ed Sonderman