Re: Taking Photos

Hey guys,

Just my 2 cents.  The whole idea behind the one second exposure is to capture 
a lot of pretty sparks on one picture.  Since they move around a lot, changing 
the ASA setting on the camera may just cause the shutter to open wide 
resulting in over exposure of the sparks you do capture.  If your camera will 
allow you to snap the shutter several times on a single frame, you might try 
that instead.  However, most inexpensive modern cameras won't let you.  Just 
try it out and see.  You may get lucky.

Smile!  Zap,

>If your camera allows you to set the ASA, setting it to a lower value should 
>work fine.  If your camera automatically sets the ASA based on the film,
>you will have to take a marker (and whiteout) and color the "block code"
> on the side of the 400 film canister to look like a 100 film canister.
>Other than that you could try covering the light sensor (if it is not through
>the lens).