Re: Cap Selection

At 01:01 PM 2/16/96 +0700, you wrote:

>I was considering getting 2 .05uf 25kv caps. that way I could use them in
>or parrallel to get different values in the future. I would like to explore
>the balanced
>primary design, too. In addition I have several xray xfmrs 100&120kv-at-200ma.
>Maybe I could put the caps in series to form a .025uf 50kv for use with
>(only powering 1/2 leg of xfmr pri for 50kv out) With those 2 caps I could
>hit a
>few stones with a couple birds. What do you guys think?

The only downside I can think of is that you might need twice the turns in
the primary,
since your total capacatence will now be half as large. This means higher a
higher frequency,
which usually means lower Q, or a much larger primary, that might lower Q.

I should still make one heck of a system !

Are those X-ray transformers rated for continious duty ? I had one years
ago, that was 
only rated for pulse duty, which I found out the hard way... Had it throwing
eight foot arcs
at the top of my Jacobs ladder, before the smoke started.

>I am now getting a 240v 100a
>line run straight to it from Edison.
>Question: Will that be enough, or should I opt for more?
Wuh ! (as they say in the UP)

Well, 240 x 100 = 24 Kw

A standard 10 Kw pole pig can be run up to twice or so its Kw rateing for
short periods of 
time. I'd say you have room for YEARS of experimenting with this setup. This
is what I'm aiming
for ! 

>my next step (I am in the process of)is finding a  pole or pt xfmr. If I
get a deal
>or get one free
>will be the determining factor as to what power level I get. Question: Am I
>right in
>thinking that I can not plan on a big one and throttling back on it, because
>you must
>have a certain amount of power running through it for it to work at all? Is
>there a
>certain percentage range of power that a particular xfmr can be used for? It
>help me in determining which way to go if I am in a certain situation of
>I have a couple of other thoughts that I would like to bounce off of
>everyone. I will
>post them separately.
>                                        Kevin M. Conkey

The usual advice for beginners in high power coiling (like me) is a 10 Kw 15
Kv pole pig.

These pigs work well with the group buy, .025 uf 20Kv caps.