Re: Cap Prices

  >  What was the normal price for those great .025 20kv caps 
  >  I keep hearing about and what was the group price?

> The price for the capacitor individually is $207.  

That price does not include shipping and handling or oversized

> The price for the purchase as a group was ~$198 each, including
> shipping. That price also included the larger than standard 
> lugs.

The indivdual savings was around $35.00 per capacitor, about
a 15% savings. On the entire order it saved over $800.00. Also,
don't forget this was the lowest bid from several manufacturers,
and that Scott spent his time and money getting and comparing the
bids, then securing the warrantee papers. All I had to do was say
"yes" and write a check.

Richard Quick

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