Secondary Winding Done

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Quoting Don Froula <froula-at-cig.mot-dot-com>:

> PS - Richard Quick's grounding plate instructions specify that
> the base wire from the coil should be soldered to the back of 
> the terminal plate, after flattening out the wire with a 
> hammer.  Can anyone think of a reason not to just solder the 
> wire to the top front edge of the plate and epoxy into place? 

Practically I doubt if there would be any difference. I tried
to design the base grounding plate to be very high Q and
virtually unbreakable. I tried many other designs, though not the
one you mention. 

My methods are not the only way to do things. Everybody is going
to have their own ideas and input. After much experimentation
(and many failures) I have tried to outline methods that are
easy, high Q, and virtually assured of success. I have installed
dozens of ground plates exactly as pictured in the COILBLD series
and I have had no failures.

But remember too that I am always learning, and updating (see the
image showing the braided ground strap for instance). 

Richard Quick

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