Re: Condenser Products capaci


>My exact capcitor is:

>Model TC253-34-300*

I got the catalog friday. Love the cover sheet! .. Leyden Jar, Circa 1745..
much more elgant that cider jugs!

Power factor 0.02%, 20KVac, 40KVdc, temp: -40 C to +65C .. they can opperate
them at -40C, I'm not going to:)  They look great!

>The units I was using before were plate style capacitors made with HD
 >polyethylene and heavy duty Aluminum Foil. [snip]

I just rolled my own this weekend. 0.013uf measured. 0.060 polyethylene.
should be good for the 7.5Kv I'm working with.

>The longest sparks with this system was 2.5'.  But that was with less
 >than 1000 VA input.

Not bad, I'm up to 6" sparks, 1 foot corona. I think I have a 7.5Kv (at
110v) 20ma xformer. I'm now starting to quote someone else's tag line:

                MORE POWER

>It EATS the time making them.  I had the material (and still do), but
>decided that for the price, you can't beat a commercial unit.

Yes it does.

Can you quantify the changes from unbalanced primary to balanced primary
that you talked about in a previous message? I can understand the advantages
of the shunt gap from an RF protection standpoint, but miss seeing the
advantages when the "neon" dumps its energy into the spark gap instead of
the TC primary. Unless it is an inductive kick from the "neon" secondary
when the spark gap quenches?